Flights made pleasant

January 20, 2017 Jessica Carter 0 Comments

Flying is the best or, sometimes, the only way to travel long distances efficiently. Although people are mostly aware of the fact that planes are less dangerous than cars, the pre-flight jitters occur, especially among people who fly rarely. Those jitters make people both physically and mentally exhausted, which affects the further trip negatively. Nevertheless, any flight is just one of the means we use to reach our destination, which is as easy and conventional as attending NYC barbershops for the NY citizens.

1. Double check

Before we go to the mental and physical parts, make sure you always double check your luggage and personal stuff. Think of the essential things you may forget like your wallet, medications, insurance, or the foreign currency. A proper check will let you chill and get to the airport with no stressful concerns.

2. Preparations

You are anticipating environmental changes, which makes you feel stress. Therefore, you should follow the most conventional daily routine before the flight to let your body and brain stay in the comfort zone. No signs for changes will trigger fewer irritants. Visit the restroom before your flight to ensure no additional triggers will occur.

3. Jitter-free flight

It is great if you know the breathing techniques or have the meditation skill. Otherwise, it is essential for most of us just to stay busy during the flight. It is hard to avoid negative thoughts. Furthermore, attempting to replace them with positive ones will only lead to struggle with your own mind. Instead, try reading a book, watching a movie, or join a conversation. The key is to focus your attention on things which are not connected with your fears.

Hope these tips were helpful. Nevertheless, don’t try to avoid a flight each time you can have one.

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