Top 3 hair tips for winter travelers

November 03, 2016 Jessica Carter 0 Comments

Winter traveling always brings us lots of positive emotions, unforgettable memories, and hair problems. Chasing after a new experience, we often forget about basic hair rules, which can prevent us from serious breakages, split ends, and even hair loss. Our professionals at a barber shop in Manhattan are ready to remind you vital tips for healthy and strong hair in cold, snowy climate.

Visit your barber

Visit your barber, before living a country. Get your ends well trimmed, or change your hairstyle cardinally. First of all, you will find more inspiration for traveling, secondly – your locks will easily get over climate changes when they are healthy and renewed.

Wear a hat

If you don’t want to become bald at your thirties, you are to wear a hat. Low temperatures and wet can seriously damage your hair follicles what leads to hair loss and baldness; furthermore, modern fashion industry offers thousands of different variants of warm hats, so you can find something to your taste for sure.

Shampoo less

Every time you wash your hair, you damage it in some way. In order to protect its natural health and beauty, try to disturb your locks as little as it is possible. One or two times per week will be perfectly. Stick to soft sulfate free shampoos, packed with natural oils and essentials.

Add these three simple rules to your daily routine, while you are enjoying a winter trip, and you will keep your hair safe and sound no matter what the weather is outside.

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