5 places where it isn’t shameful to travel alone

October 10, 2016 Jessica Carter 0 Comments

There are days when you are out of humor. Your family, your work, your significant one – everything puts you out of temper. Just then you want to go away, as far as possible. We have prepared a list of 5 places which are perfect for solo trips.

#1. Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is a wonderful city with picturesque landscapes. Take a boat ride on the lake and delight in beauty or visit some cultural places and delight in information.

#2. Seoul, South Korea

If you think Seoul is boring, you are wrong. Seoul is a second Las Vegas with its nightlife. If you are not a fan of the twilight world, Seoul’s cuisine will touch your feelings. Furthermore, if you want to relax, there are a lot of Buddhist temples which will help you to enjoy peace of mind.

#3. Dublin, Ireland

If you are a bar and pub, whiskey and beer lover and planning a trip alone, Dublin is the best choice. We promise you will make a lot of friends during the trip.

#4. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

It’s a very safe city where you can rent a bike and go to discover it. There are two parts of the city: at the first one you can find all that you can only wish for - sex, drugs, rock-n-roll (we are not joking), the second one is quieter, with a plenty of museums and parks. You choose!

#5. Shillong, India

This beautiful place is not popular among the tourists, so if you want to discover yourself in a long-term perspective, it’s a perfect destination.

Well then, man, go to the barber shop midtown, make a new hairstyle, book tickets, pack your suitcase, and go somewhere you want to go!

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