5 Places for Travelers to Appreciate Good Coffee

October 11, 2016 Jessica Carter 0 Comments

"Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee even better," Justina Chen said. And what if you combine adventures and a good coffee? We have prepared a list of 5 places where really coffee lovers can travel to.

Place #1. Turkish coffee in Istanbul

The story has it that Sultan Suleiman drank first coffee in this city in 1543. Now Turkish coffee is well-known by its slow boiling and sweetness. It’s a place with rich coffee history for real coffee fans.

Place #2. Ethiopian coffee

There are two countries, which pretend to be the historical homeland of coffee beans. One of them is Ethiopia. Even famous poet Arthur Rimbaud has tasted coffee here. We strongly recommend you to try macchiato; it differs from the Italian one.

Place #3. Italian espresso

Italian espresso is famous throughout the world, and Milan is popular by the best espresso bars; however, be careful, after trying Italian espresso you won't be able to drink any other.

Place #4. Perfect serving in Melbourne, Australia

If you enjoy not only the taste but also the beauty of the coffee, you should definitely go to Melbourne. Baristas here are very creative.

Place #5. Viennese coffee

Coffee is one of the significant parts of Viennese life. Famous musicians like Mozart and Beethoven have drunk coffee here, famous writers like Stefan Zweig and Karl Kraus also have drunk coffee here. Now it’s your turn!

So then, quickly book tickets, go to the quality barbers NYC, pack your suitcase, and go towards adventures and delicious coffee.

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