Men's Guide to Hair Protection in Pool Water

April 25, 2016 Viki Howell 0 Comments

Can't wait to check out that huge swimming pool? Hold your horses! Learn how to protect your hair from chlorinated pool water first and then enjoy!

Summer time means you can finally go on a vacation, make a reservation in a hotel, and swim in a huge swimming pool. But, before you begin your vacation, learn how to spend it without damaging your hair.

1. Purchase a swimming cap

The swimming cap is very often underestimated and considered to be funny. The truth is that this accessory will provide your mane with a strong and effective protection against chemicals in pool water. You won’t find one at NYC Barber Shop, so go to the store now!

2. Saturate with clean water

Experts at NYC Barber Shop recommend starting hair protection with clean water. Once your hair is already saturated, it will push off pool water; thus, minimizing chlorine damage.

3. Rinse, rinse and rinse more

Once you’re done with the swimming, you should start rescuing your hair to minimize the damage as much as possible. You should begin with rinsing your hair – clean water will wash away, at least, part of the chemicals out of your hair.

4. Apply clarifying shampoo

Your next step will be more serious and effective. Having finished rinsing your mane, you should wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo. This product is the best way to get rid of chemicals on your scalp and hair.

5. Restore moisture balance

Chemicals tend to make our hair feel dry and dull; you should restore its moisture balance after swimming. Treat your hair with the help of your regular conditioner and other moisturizing products if needed.

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