Traveling within a budget

Traveling is not necessarily a luxury experience and can be done on a budget. Thinking that you can’t afford traveling at all is the wrong approach. You won’t visit the best barbers in New York, but it doesn’t mean you will travel without comfort and restrict yourself from most of the actions to stay within the budget. Some reasonable thinking and creativity are what comes in handy.

1. Look for good deals

You can take advantage of budget airlines and bus companies which offer discounts on a regular basis. These companies have the same destinations as the commercial lines, and they also have a more stable and predictable schedule. Search for ones like Greyhound and Eurolines (for the US and Europe respectively). Flights are more expensive; however, you can consider companies like Travelocity or Opodo. Most of the hostels also offer great accommodation deals.

2. Eat out less

Avoid eating out each time you have a meal. Bring noodles and canned products to your accommodation, or cook yourself if possible. You’ll save lots of cash on occasional meals, and you’ll be able to experience the local cuisine once or twice when you find a great suggestion from locals.

3. Know how to save money

Reach places by feet and use the public transport. Socialize with the locals, and you will find out that there are myriads of free or cheap attractions which are widely used by them. The scenic part of walking is a priceless advantage if you strive to get acknowledged with the area. Visit the tourist information center to check for free museum days and public events which are held only on certain days or during a certain season.

Check the visitor’s bureaus for some discount transit passes. Maximize your traveling and aim to focus on the place rather than focus on money.

Top 6 Most Recommended Travel Apps

Just like every year, the New Year celebration came and went quicker than we thought. And while some people are still resting from their last holiday, others are already making new plans.

If you fall into this category, and if you’re anything like the large majority of travelers around the world, you are probably tired of same old holiday destinations.

While it may come as a surprise to some travel agents, who are used to booking the same tours over and over again, most people have a desire to visit new and exciting destinations.

As a matter of fact, according to recent TripBarometer research, almost 70% of travelers worldwide (of all age groups) are making plans to visit a new place and try something new in the next twelve months.

Best Travel Apps

Today, no one goes anywhere without a phone in their pocket.

This is quite understandable, because that little device you have in your pocket will enable you to book a flight, move around an unknown country without any problems and of course, stay in touch with your loved ones no matter where you are.

So in order to help you track your flights, navigate along the streets of a new city and have an more enjoyable travel experience overall, here are six apps you should definitely download before your next holiday trip. 

ExpressVPN – Data Security

Now, if you want to stream movies or shows from sites like Hulu and Netflix, and keep your connection completely safe while abroad, then you need to use a Virtual Private Network like Express VPN.

Express will allow your device to connect to any random public Wi-Fi hotspot through a remote server, hide your IP and allow you to keep your data safe from cyber criminals all across the globe.

Rebtel – Cheap Offline Calls

Apps like Skype are and will always be staples when it comes to messaging and making calls overseas. But the main problem with Skype and similar apps is that you need a good connection to use them.

So if you want to make cheap calls while traveling, you should start using Rebtel. It allows you to make calls without the web, by searching for best calling rates, and connecting to the nearest local phone line.

PackPoint – Easier Packing

All of us know that packing for a trip can be a pain in the neck. But this app right here will help you pack in matter of minutes by generating a list of all of the things you’ll need on your upcoming trip.

You just need to enter a few details, like your traveling date, your destination and some activates you’re planning and PackPoint crates a list of items and clothes you’ll need to pack in just a few seconds.

Rome2Rio – Route Planning

How do you actually plan your routes abroad? If you’re a frequent traveler, you know that it’s a little more complicated than knowing which bus you need to take or where to change on the subway.

If you often have trouble figuring out how to get from point A to point B – Rome2Rio is the right app for you. The app is connected to more than 4,800 operators across the globe, and updates in real-time.

Accuweather – International Forecasting

While your smartphone has the basic forecasting functions, we all know that the information it displays are often wrong. So if you want a reliable forecasting app, you cannot go wrong with Accuweather.

Both the Accuweather site and the app provide minute-by-minute (and long-term as well) forecasting services in more than 100 languages, and their services are used by 1.5 billion people on a daily basis.

XE Currency – Currency Conversions

For the last couple of years, has been the go-to website for conversion on the Internet. So it’s no wonder why the company’s app is popular now – it currently has more than 20 million downloads.

The app is, of course, able to convert any currency in the world. However, it’s quite useful for travelers because it also saves the last updated rates and functions offline, which helps you save on mobile data.

Final Thoughts

Let’s face it; no one wants to fill up their phone with useless, gimmicky apps. But that’s why we’ve decided to make this list and round out a good selection of the best tool for all of those digital-savvy travelers out there.

And don’t worry, while you don’t need to download all of the apps we mentioned above to have an enjoyable trip, we guarantee that every single one of them will help you travel, arrive at your destination and have a carefree vacation this year.

So, what do you think about our little list? Did we miss out on an of your favorite travel apps? If you have a list of your own, make sure to tell us all about it by dropping a comment in the comment section bellow. 

Decreasing the age factor when traveling

Traveling is obviously harder for older people, although they have way more time to enjoy the tremendous sights all over the globe. The biggest complications occur when it comes to reaching the destination which includes numerous means of transport. Nevertheless, a bit of planning, positive mindset and proper packing will decrease any possible complications to the minimum.

1. Plan ahead

Perform the reservations of your flight or ride in advance to get the best aisle seats. Consider the time zone you are arriving at. In case you are going to arrive late, you should prepare the address for the taxi driver if you are going to use a cab. Call your hotel beforehand and ask the concierge to call the taxi for you. It is great to ask for some room service. When choosing a room, try to avoid the upper levels if there is no elevator. Make sure you will get some help to carry your luggage when you arrive at the hotel. Always check the room before unpacking. 

2. Avoid the rush

A particular case of planning is to make sure you have enough time between the connecting rides and flights. Consider the region and the distance, but 90 minutes is generally enough. It will prevent panic and catching the transport.

3. Compact and bearable luggage

Use a roomy wheeled bag which can carry a soft bag on the top. Pack both the bags equally in terms of weight so that you won’t get your spine strained. Double check the essentials packed in your luggage like the shaving kit and an extra pillow sleep. Put all the prescripted medications and some water in your hand luggage. Avoid carrying have items by checking as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to speak up to make sure the flight attendant will check the luggage for the final destination. Put some snacks in your hand luggage if you won’t get any food in the connecting city or during the flight.

4. Personal comfort

Wear loose-fitting apparel and comfortable shoes which can be easily taken off (like the ones with a zipper). Take a hanky for general purposes like moistening the air you breathe. Don’t forget to take a case for your glasses and bring yourself something to entertain yourself. When off the plane or a train, use the luggage carts if they are available. Use the restroom before the departure to use it as rarely a possible during the trip.

If the anticipated travel seems to be fairly uncomfortable, consider changing it or even cancel it to plan out a new one. Provide yourself with as much pleasure and composure as possible.

Spending hours on a Trip!

It takes hours and, sometimes, days to reach the final destination of your trip. To retain the positive mood and the anticipation of something great to happen, you need to know how to spend these hours of a lingering transfer.

1. Beneficial activities

You can benefit from the time you have rather than wasting it. Remind yourself the plan and think of the sights you will see or visit, the routes you are going to pass, and how it is all distributed in your schedule. Whether the place you are going to visit is a midtown hair salon NYC or the Central Park, your anticipation will be enhanced, and you will benefit from the positive emotions. Another good option is to read more about the country you are going to and start learning the basics of their language if it’s foreign. Noting down phrases you learn prevents you from getting lost or misunderstood in a foreign region.

2. Recreation

We tend to choose the recreation option as it is so tempting. But how to get the most we can by using the time? Plan ahead, write down all the movies you have wanted to watch during workdays, read the reviews and bring the best ones with you. The same is about books. Music is also great, but it doesn’t grab as much attention, and you may still feel not focused. A great option is to bring games for groups of a single opponent. A card deck is a classic one, but you can also bring even portable gaming devices. Just make sure everything you take for such a purpose is handy.

3. Communicate and admire

If the conversation start naturally or you are fairly interested in the person sitting next to you, let it go with the flow. The greatest thing is engaging yourself in conversations with people you have never met because you have an unlimited fund of topics to discuss. Nevertheless, be polite and know how to conduct yourself, especially with people deriving from a different culture. The opposite option is to look through your window and admire the scenery. If you travel by train, you can look for a better observation spot in a different tail and simultaneously renew the blood flow in your body.

Remember that you can always sleep. Sleeping increases your vital strengths to face any obstacles which may occur.

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