So many of you must have been to Goa or at least heard about it… What are the first things that come to your mind when you plan about going to Goa?

“Party! Get Drenched in Booze and walk red-eyed on the beach!” That’s Goa to you, right? What if there’s something for everyone in Goa? Here’s some stuff everyone could do on their next visit to the paradise of pristine blue with golden sand with perhaps a bottle of Goa's favourite chilled beer King's.

If you travel by plane frequently, you’re aware of the grooming difficulties during the flights. Sometimes it’s really challenging to look good when you’re thousands of meters above the ground. Nothing is impossible, though. New York barbers have given the following recommendations.

September Holidays

As September approaches, the monsoons are starting to withdraw making way for the next season, Autumn. For all those who couldn't manage to get out and take a monsoon trip, the rains are still around; make the most of these last showers of the year. Keeping this in mind, here's offbeat places for the end of monsoon trips.

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